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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the list of questions received about Easy ADP Timecards. If you're looking for help and can't find it here feel free to create an issue on the Issue Tracker!

Easy ADP Timecards is disabled. What do I do?

This typically happens when new features are added to the extension that require you to grant the extension new permissions. If you re-enable the extension you will be presented with the list of permissions that Easy ADP Timecards needs. If you think the permissions are acceptable then you can click OK to re-enable the extension.

What is this strange popup that appears when I use the extension?

The Easy ADP Timecards extension offers a Free Trial version and a Paid version. The Paid version offers additional features but in order for the extension to know if you are using the Paid version it needs to look up some info in the Chrome Web Store, where Google keeps track of Free Trial information.

If you allow the extension to look up this information it will not prompt you again unless you revoke the extension's access.

Don't worry, the Easy ADP Timecards extension does not store any personal information about you. The prompt that you are seeing is simply how Google requires extensions to determine if an extension has been paid for or not.

I cannot add more than 3 Transfer Codes on the Options page. How do I add more?

You are limited to 3 Transfer Codes because you are using the Free Trial version of Easy ADP Timecards. To get access to an unlimited number of Transfer Codes simply look up Easy ADP Timecards on the Chrome Web Store and purchase the full version for $0.99.