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Workplan Report displays issues’ estimated work per user over time. It presents all users that have some work assigned on a calendar with their available and estimated time, as shown on the picture: Workplan Report Report requires the following parameters:

  • Start Date - report start date

  • End Date - report end date

  • Project - project name, to include its issues into the report

  • User - assignee, to include issues assigned to the selected user into the report. Takes precedence over the Project if both initialized. And defaults to currently logged in user if neither User nor Project is selected.

  • Group - group name, to include issues assigned to a user from the selected group. Takes precedence over the User if also initialized.

  • Work On Weekends, to include weekends in working days (excluded by default).

  • Work on Holidays, to include holidays in working days (excluded by default, see also details below).

Only assigned estimated work (i.e. Issue have assignee and some remaining work and is not closed or resolved) is displayed on calendar depending on ‘startDate’ custom field or ‘createDate’ field if ‘startDate’ custom field is not initialized or available, starting from today.

Estimated work is grouped by user, and summary row is displayed for each user. Each issue is displayed in a separate row. Calendar is not scalable, but uses column per day view only, having ceiling estimated work in days, e.g. 14h = 2d, 18h = 3d. Plugin does not use Jira time tracking settings for hours per day, but uses hard coded 8h per day. Plugin has hard coded Saturday and Sunday for non business days, but treats all days as working days.

(NEW) Since version 1.2 added support for multiple projects

Thanks to for the enhancements.

(NEW) Since version 1.1 support for task splits and resource utilization is added. Corresponding custom fields must be named as ‘split1StartDate’ (DatePicker), ‘split1Estimate’ (Text Field \< 255 characters) and ‘split1Utilization’ (Text Field \< 255 characters), and so on. Split estimate must be specified as usually (e.g. 2d 3h), however if invalid, whole split is ignored (no field validation). Split utilization must be specified also normally (e.g. 75%, locale specific). If invalid 100% is assumed. Also, one may add ‘utilization’ custom field for resource utilization for whole issue (for the case if splits are not set, or some split utilization is not set).

Note, number of splits is unlimited, and if no split custom fields is configured report will behave old style, i.e. issue startDate custom field and standard estimate field is used. There is no need to set all splits values. If split estimate is not set, or set incorrectly, whole split is ignored; if split utilization is not set, or set incorrectly, it becomes 100%, if split start date is not set, issue start date custom field (or create date) is used. There is no requirement of proper order (by date or number) of the splits, however they should not intersect for the same issue (example, splits should not start at the same date), only one will be displayed.

Backward compatible: If none of the split values is set, values of old style fields (startDate and standard estimate) are used. I.e. split fields are optional, but they take precedence when set.

Important: Issue searcher still uses estimate standard field, even if there are split custom fields configured and set, so it is necessary to set standard estimate issue field, but there is no any correlation between it and split estimate and start date. However, there is no need to set ‘startDate’ if splits are set.

(NEW) Also there is now (since May 29) ability to exclude weekends and holidays from working days. Two options were added ‘Work On Weekends’ and ‘Work On Holidays’, however weekends are still hardcoded for Saturday and Sunday, and holidays must be configured manually in WEB-INF/classes/, e.g:\
 18/May/2010 - Free Day,\
 24/May/2010 - Another Free Day</script>

Note, ’showWeekends’option was removed due to obvious redundancy.


Install from Atlassian Marketplace.


Project -> Reports -> WorkPlan Report.

There is no minimum configuration required, report will use issue create date and estimate if there is no needed custom fields. But it's better to have some:

  1. startDate - date picker field.

  2. splitNStartDate - date picker field, splitNEstimate - text field, splitNUtilisation - text field, where N is unlimited number from 1. See description for more details

Open Issues

  1. 'startDate' custom field name is hard coded. TODO: use i18n texts for field name

Version History

  • Feb 5, 2013
    • 1.3
    • Update for JIRA 5
  • Dec 20, 2010
    • 2-SNAPSHOT
    • Added support for multiple projects
  • Aug 23, 2010
    • 1.1-SNAPSHOT
    • Fixed bug: report does not show splits that start before report start
  • May 29, 2010
    • 1.1-SNAPSHOT
    • Added ability to exclude weekends and holidays from working days)
  • May 17, 2010
    • 1.1-SNAPSHOT
    • Added supports for splits and resource utilization (screen shots updated)
  • October 6, 2009
    • 1.0-SNAPSHOT
    • Made compatible with Jira 4.0
  • July 30, 2009
    • 1.0-SNAPSHOT
    • Added Group parameter
  • July 30, 2008
    • 1.0-SNAPSHOT
    • First release