readme.txt Fixes for Plugins Directory Page

Issue #6 resolved
Alexander Celeste created an issue

Now that we have published this plugin, its page on the WordPress Plugin Directory exposes some things that need to be rethought:

  • With the built-in Development tab we should probably rethink how we link off to the Bitbucket site. Honestly, I was under the impression from docs that how I did it would merge that into the built-in tab. I guess it did not. So we need to rethink this, although I do think it should still be there, somewhere, as that (well, this…) is where development activity really takes place.
  • The use of the example wp-config.php code on the Installation tab broke the numbered list. So we should rethink how we explain the two configuration options. We probably should start with the Dashboard method, and then discuss the config file method as how to accomplish a universal check site for networks.
  • Metadata:

    • Does the directory really require minimum WP version, when it is nearly the start of WP in this plugin’s case?
    • Same for minimum PHP version, when the minimum is not even a fully supported PHP version any longer?
    • Think more actively about what we should tag this plugin. We can use up to 12 tags, though only the first 6 will show up on the page the rest will still work for searches.

Anything else?

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