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This is Documentation for Graty issue panels

1. First create new panel

Got to Admin > Add-ons > GRATY ADMIN > Panels

Click «Add new» button, and put Name of panel, project(or projects) and IssueType(or issueTypes) where Panel should be shown. Enter JQL(see below) for search issues and press save.

2. Check panel

Go to the Issue of project and IssueType specified in Panel config.

3. JQL Syntax

JQL syntax is the same as that of JIRA and additionally, You can specify current issue values sush as

  • @issue.key - Key of issue
  • - ID
  • @issue.summary = Summary of issue
  • @issue.description = Description
  • @issue.reporter = Reporter username
  • @issue.assignee = Assignee username
  • @issue.pkey = Project key of issue
  • @issue.components = List of Components, example: ("Componentn one", "component two")
  • @issue.affectsVersions = List of affects versions
  • @issue.fixVersions = List of fix versions
  • @issue.labels = List of labels
  • @issue.status = Status name
  • @issue.resolution = Resolution name, such as "Fixed" or "NULL"
  • @issue.customfield_xxxxx - Customfield value or list of values


  • project = PRJ and description ~ @issue.key
  • project = PRJ and component in @issue.components and assignee = @issue.assignee

Panel with this JQl return all Issues, where project = PRJ and description contain current issue key.

4. Renders

Go to Admin > Add-ons > GRATY ADMIN > Table Renders

Click «add new», enter name and define fields layout. Select this render in panel.

5. Maps

Co to Admin > Issues > Custom fields and add new custom field with special type: Graty Address Custom Field


Go to Admin > Addons > GRATY ADMIN > Main configuration

Set map provider(yandex or google) Set api key for selected provider

You can get a key for yandex in the developer's dashboard and enable "JavaScript API" and "Geocoder HTTP API"

You can get a key for google in the Google Cloud Platform Console, more and enable "Maps JavaScript API", "Geocoding API", "Places API" and "Directions API". For "Places API" google required enabled billing, more It may take some time for the key to start working

Go to Admin > Addons > GRATY ADMIN > Map Renders

Add new, where

  • Local address field - address field for current issue
  • Remote address field - address field for related issues
  • Zoom - zoom of map
  • Only nearest visible - generate list of issues dynamicaly, shown only issues, visible on map

Go to Admin > Addons > GRATY ADMIN > Panels

Add new or edit exists panel and set

  • Panel type - Map
  • Map render - maprander from previous step