Purchased account does not work

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Sergey Zaytsev
created an issue

I have purchased App couple years ago and then deleted. Now after downloading it on another iPhone device, I am asked about upgrading to Pro version in order to have access to my private repo. But I have purchased the App already.

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  1. Dillon repo owner

    Sergey, since you bought the app a long time ago it has undergone some major changes - one of which was to the pricing structure. Instead of it being a paid app, it was free and allowed for an in-app purchase. Unfortunately, Apple provides no way to give users that in-app upgrade for free if they had previously purchased the app. However, I placed code in the application to auto upgrade users who had purchased it in the past so they were not double charged - this relies on it being the same device though. This, obviously, doesn't apply to you since you have a new device. However, again, to make sure people didn't have to pay twice I periodically put the in-app purchase on for free for people to grab it.

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