No autoconversion to Pro version

Issue #79 resolved
Roman Suvorov
created an issue

I have bought this app already, for 2$ about 2 years or more ago. Now, it demands me to by a Pro version to get access to my repos for the same price - 2$. I think there is an issue here. Purchase restoring not working for me.

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  1. Stephen Nield

    Have a similar problem. Have purchased the pro version for my iPhone and now want to use on my iPad with the same account, but need to buy pro again for that device. Seems like it would be reasonable that I should be able to use on either device

  2. Roman Suvorov reporter

    Hm... It looks like i can acces my private account from my iPad (I just forgot about it), but not from my iPhone. And i can't restore a Pro access via "Restore purchases" or smth option. It just doesn't work.

    How can you "convert" an existing account?

  3. Dillon repo owner

    For those having trouble, I will run the in-app purchase for free this coming weekend. Make sure you grab it then! That should hopefully solve your issues.

  4. Dillon repo owner

    Closing as I hope everyone grabbed the pro version when it became free. Those that had it before and were having trouble should have been able to grab it and return access to the pro version.

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