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Scripts to get and display information from online accounts. Can be used with conky.

Authentification is handled by a .gauth file (passwords are stored in plain text) formatted as follows:


Google calendar []

  • Displays a calendar followed by an agenda from selected google calendars
  • Requires: gcalcli, curl

Gmail (atom feed) []

  • Get unread messages in inbox
  • Requires: curl

GMail (imap access) []

  • Gets content of GMail folders (labels)
  • Requires: python

Google reader []

  • Get unread entries from reading list
  • Requires:
    • python
    • requests module for python:
      • To install the requests package, you can use 'pip' (package python-pip)
pip install requests

Google tasks []

  • Get list from (not sure how long this will work)
  • A bit messy at this time, displays list and entries for the selected list (selected form the web page)
  • Requires: curl

Remember the milk []

  • Get current tasks from RTM icalendar page
  • Requires: curl