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Bitbucket Broker to run Integration Builds on Jenkins/Hudson

There are already two broker to integrate Jenkins or Hudson into Bitbucket. This broker has another goal: With this broker you can execute a special job if in the commit comment is one of the fixed keywords. The fixed keywords are:

  • close
  • closed
  • closes
  • closing
  • fix
  • fixed
  • fixes

For more about this keywords take look at

An integration build is an extended build with integration tests (e.g. with a real database or a deployment to a test instance).


  • Scans the commit messages of all commits in a push to find out if an integration build is needed
  • The build fired by this broker needs only one parameter (called CommitID)
  • Builds are based on the commit contained in the push (not on the HEAD)
  • Secure. The communication between bitbucket and Jenkins is secured with username and password
  • Optionally you can it more secure if your Jenkins/Hudson is on a SSL-enabled webserver
  • Minimal configuration of this broker (service)


You need only fill out 4 parameters:

  • Endpoint: The url of your Jenkins/Hudson instance
  • user_name: The username you need to login
  • user_password: The password for this user
  • job_name: The name of the integration job