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A Blacklist Classifier for Language Identification

The blacklist classifier is a simple tool for discriminating between related languages. It uses blacklisted words that can be trained on comparable data sets. The package comes with blacklists for distinguishing Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. The data these lists are trained on is also included together with a test set for the three languages. It now comes as a proper Perl Module as well (see download/installation instructions below)

Download and Installation

$ git clone

There is a standalone script in the standalone sub directory. However, this script will not be maintained and you should use the Perl module Lingua-Idenitify-Blacklists instead. Run the following commands for installing the Perl module and all its files:

cd Lingua-Identify-Blacklists
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

(Note, that you may have to run the last command as 'sudo')


The Perl module includes a script blacklist_classifier that can be used in the same way as the standalone script. The basic operations are training, classification and running experiments:

  • classification:
blacklist_classifier [OPTIONS] lang1 lang2 ... < file
  • training:
   blacklist_classifier -n [OPTIONS] text1 text2 > blacklist.txt
   blacklist_classifier [OPTIONS] -t "t1.txt t2.txt ..." lang1 lang2 ...
  • run experiments:
   blacklist_classifier -t "t1.txt t2.txt ..." \
                           -e "e1.txt e2.txt ..." \
                           lang1 lang2 ...
  • lang1 lang2 ... are language ID's
  • blacklists are expected in <BLACKLISTDIR>/<lang1-lang2.txt
  • t1.txt t2.txt ... are training data files (in UTF-8)
  • e1.txt e2.txt ... are training data files (in UTF-8)
  • the order of languages needs to be the same for training data, eval data as given by the command line arguments (lang1 lang2 ..)

Other command-line options:

 -a <freq> ...... min freq for common words
 -b <freq> ...... max freq for uncommon words
 -c <score> ..... min difference score to be relevant
 -d <dir> ....... directory of black lists
 -i ............. classify each line separately
 -m <number> .... use approximately <number> tokens to traing/classify
 -n ............. train a new black list
 -v ............. verbose mode
 -U ............. don't lowercase
 -S ............. don't tokenize (use the string as it is)
 -A ............. don't discard tokens with non-alphabetic characters

You can test the tool using the provided GNU Makefile in the test sub-directory:

cd test
make test

You can train blacklists using the provided training data:

make train

Run training and testing on incremental training data:

make learning_curve

The results are store in the subdirectory experiment


The confusion matrix of classifying Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian given the training and test data provided in the package is as follows (columns = classifier decisions):


The overall accuracy is 97.3%.


The code is published under the GNU Lesser General Public License.