Dependent program checks, checking PID using program PATH.

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I have an interesting case here.

One of the programs is monitored using:

check program A with path /etc/whateverA

There's a second one, monitored the same way, but dependent on the first one

check program B with /path/whateverB
depends on A

Now, at some point I've spotted in the logs an error message like the one that follows:

Error reading pid from file '/etc/whateverA'

Now since /etc/whateverA contains bash code and has regular output except of the exit code this leads to sort of an race.

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  1. Daniel Jung

    i have similar case but without dependent case, check program sssd with path /usr/local/bin/ is a shell script that checks for the return and exits with 0 or 1. I get Error reading pid from file '/usr/local/bin/'

    Otherwise it seems to restart properly.

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