Display of ping vs. port response times in monit status display

Issue #277 resolved
Ulrich Windl created an issue

So the ping response time got changed to milliseconds. I was a bit confused to see that the ping for a host seemed slower than the opening of some TCP port on the same host. Then I realized that ping response time is in milliseconds (changed from previous versions), but port response time is still displayed in seconds. I suggest to use the same unit for all response time measurements.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    We have switched the ping response time to [ms], as the ping local network is usually sub-one ms and thus displayed often "0.000s" - the ping response time chart then had no data to display.

    The TCP port response time is usually >= 1ms even locally and the probability of response time > 1s is also much higher ... using fixed [ms] unit would seems probably strange if for slow response times (like 1500ms for 1.5s).

    We'll most probably make the unit dynamic as in the [*byte] unit case, i.e. [ms] or [s] will be selected based on the value.

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