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Manage Apps

Apps available in Bael: Restaurant, Table Reservation, Foodtakeout, Retail

  • You have registered your company and have a branch.

  • An App is added to a branch. An company can have multiple branches.

    • For example, a company can have multiple restaurants. Each restaurant is defined a branch.

Go to Apps page

  • If you are already logged in, then go to your Home page.
 Home Page -> Click on 'Your Branches' -> Select a Branch -> Click on 'Branch'

 Branch Page -> Click on 'Apps' -> Apps Page -> Click on 'Add/Remove Apps'.
  • In the home page, Click on the section 'Your Branches'

  • Select and Click on a branch. Branch page is displayed.

  • In the Branch page, Click on the Apps card.

  • Apps page is displayed. This page displays apps already active for your branch.

  • If you wish to Add/Remove apps, click on 'Add/Remove Apps'.

  • Manage Apps is displayed. This page displays all the apps available for adding to your branch.

  • You can enable any app by clicking on the button for the app.