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We hope you enjoy the project as much as we have. Visit our main site above for help in using LightShow Pi to create your own low-budget light show using a Raspberry Pi, and the lights you already have!

Getting Started

New to lightshowPi? Visit our getting started guide:

Software Developers Guide

Join on in the fun and help make lightshowPi better for everyone! To get started, fork a copy of the repository and hack away. Submitting requests back into the main branch is easy:

Project Fork How-to

You may also want to take a look at the Issues that are currently unassigned and see if you're interested in working on any. Feel free to assign it to yourself and hack away.

We have a goal to follow the Google Python style guide to keep our code as readable as possible. We're not strictly following it at this point (as you'll easily find out as you read our code), but we're working to get there.

If you're interested in joining technical discussions related to developing / modifying the software of LightshowPi then feel free to join our developers mailing list.

And here is a wiki page for the developers to post tips to help make development a little easier Developer Tips