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QATrack+ Documentation

Note: This wiki should be considered a living document. Signing up for a free account and adding content, correcting errors or editing existing content and contributing new tutorials is encouraged!

Getting Started with QATrack+

Since QATrack+ is a web application (i.e. a client/server configuration) getting it installed and set up correctly is not as simple as running a one-click installer: it will require a time investment and some technical skills (however there is a single file download for evaluating QATrack+ described below). The process will be different depending on the specific requirements of your clinic and the platform (Operating System/server software/database) you choose but to help you get started, we are providing a number of tutorials on how to deploy QATrack+ on various platforms. If you want some help deciding what platform to use or need some help installing and configuring QATrack+, please post in the QATrack+ discussion group/mailing list and I will be happy to help out however I can!

Evaluating QATrack+

If you want to take QATrack+ for a test drive and have access to a Windows computer, the easiest path is to download the latest version of the standalone QATrack+ program. Simply download a file, unzip it somewhere and run the qatrackplus.bat file. This will start a simple web server with an embedded database and allow you to try out QATrack+ on your desktop. More details are available in the README.txt file included with that download.

This standalone version should be used for testing and getting a feel for the latest version of QATrack+. Due to limitations in its database and webserver, the standalone version is not meant to be used in situations where multiple users will be accessing it at the same time (i.e. most clinical settings).

Implementing QATrack+ in the Clinic

Once you have decided that you would like to use QATrack+ the first thing to do is join the QATrack+ discussion group! Obviously this isn't mandatory, but it is your best avenue for getting implementation advice, help with configuration, discussing new features etc. Plus, we would love to hear where QATrack+ is being used!

Deploying QATrack+

Since QATrack+ can be deployed on multiple OS's (Windows/Linux/Mac) with multiple different databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL) you should first determine (in consultation with your IT department if appropriate ) what the most appropriate platform for running QATrack+ in your clinic is.

The recommended platform for running QATrack+ is using a Linux server with PostgreSQL as a database. That said, you are certainly free to choose another platform that either you or your IT department are more comfortable with. In fact, due to the hospitals IT infrastructure, at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, we use a Microsoft based stack based on Windows Server 2008 & MS SQL Server.

A number of installation & deployment guides are currently being worked on and you can find them on our deployment page.

Contributing to QATrack+

We would love to have people from outside TOHCC contributing to the QATrack+ project. You do not need to be a programmer to help out with the project! Some ideas on ways to contribute include: