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Test List Frequencies

When a test list is assigned to a unit you give it a frequency with which it should be performed. This frequency determines when a test list is show as being due/overdue on a unit.

Frequencies can be configured from the main admin page by clicking on the Frequencis link in the QA section.

Example configurations are shown below for Daily and Monthly frequencies.

Daily Frequency Example

Monthly Frequency Example

QATrack+ uses an "offset" system for deciding whether a test list is not due, due or overdue. If it has been less than due interval days since the last time a test list was performed the due date will be shown in green.

Test list that is not yet due

When a test list reaches its due date it will be shown in yellow.

Test list that is now due

Finally if a test list has not been completed within the overdue interval number of days it will be shown in red.

Test list that is now over due