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qatrackplus / v / 0.2.8 / deployment / settings

QATrack+ Local Settings

Local settings allow you to override the default QATrack+ settings to better meet your clinics needs. The most important settings are explained below.

These settings should be defined in a local_settings.py file in the main directory (same directory as settings.py)

Email Settings

See the email settings page for details.

Admin Email

Who should be emailed when internal QATrack+ errors occur:

    ('Admin Name', 'admin.email@yourplace.com'),

Cache Settings

By default QATrack+ stores cached pages and values on disk in the directory qatrack/cache/cache_data/ but this can be changed by copying the Python dictionary below into your local_settings.py file:

    'default': {
        'BACKEND': 'django.core.cache.backends.filebased.FileBasedCache',
        'LOCATION': '/path/to/your/desired/cache/data/location/',
        'TIMEOUT': 24*60*60, # cache timeout of 24hours

Generally you shouldn't need to change this unless you have concerns about disk usage.

Time Zone Settings

By default QATrack+ is configured to use North American Eastern Standard Time so you will need to adjust this to reflect your local time zone.

In your local_settings.py file add a line like the following:

TIME_ZONE = 'America/Toronto'

where 'America/Toronto' is replaced with your local timezone (e.g. TIME_ZONE = 'Australia/Sydney'. If you are unsure, you can find a list of valid timezones on Wikipedia.

Icon Settings

By default QATrack+ will show icons to indicate the pass/fail or due/overdue/not due status of tests and test lists.

Examples of the icons can be seen on BitBucket

To override the default settings, copy the following Python dictionary to your local_settings.py file and change the relevant setting to True/False.

    'SHOW_DUE_ICONS':  True,
  • SHOW_STATUS_ICONS_PERFORM controls whether the icons are shown when a user is performing a test list.
  • SHOW_STATUS_ICONS_LISTING controls whether icons are shown on listings pages which show the results of the last QA session. (Default True)
  • SHOW STATUS_ICONS_REVIEW controls whether the icons are shown when a user is reviewing a test list. (Default True)
  • SHOW STATUS_ICONS_HISTORY controls whether the icons are shown for historical results when a user is performing or reviewing a test list. (Default False)
  • SHOW_REVIEW_ICONS control whether to show warning icon for unreviewed test lists. (Default True)
  • SHOW_DUE_ICONS control whether to show icons for the due status of test lists. (Default True)

Other Settings


Set AUTO_REVIEW_DEFAULT = True in your local_settings.py file in order to enable Auto Review by default.


Set ORDER_UNITS_BY = 'name' in your local_settings.py file in order to order units by name rather than number