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QATrack+ Local Settings

Local settings allow you to override the default QATrack+ settings to better meet your clinics needs. The most important settings are explained below.

These settings should be defined in a file in the main directory (same directory as

Email Settings

See the email settings page for details.

Admin Email

Who should be emailed when internal QATrack+ errors occur:

    ('Admin Name', ''),

Cache Settings

By default QATrack+ stores cached pages and values on disk in the directory qatrack/cache/cache_data/ but this can be changed by copying the Python dictionary below into your file:

    'default': {
        'BACKEND': 'django.core.cache.backends.filebased.FileBasedCache',
        'LOCATION': '/path/to/your/desired/cache/data/location/',
        'TIMEOUT': 24*60*60, # cache timeout of 24hours

Generally you shouldn't need to change this unless you have concerns about disk usage.

Time Zone Settings

By default QATrack+ is configured to use North American Eastern Standard Time so you will need to adjust this to reflect your local time zone.

In your file add a line like the following:

TIME_ZONE = 'America/Toronto'

where 'America/Toronto' is replaced with your local timezone (e.g. TIME_ZONE = 'Australia/Sydney'. If you are unsure, you can find a list of valid timezones on Wikipedia.

Icon Settings

By default QATrack+ will show icons to indicate the pass/fail or due/overdue/not due status of tests and test lists.

Examples of the icons can be seen on BitBucket

To override the default settings, copy the following Python dictionary to your file and change the relevant setting to True/False.

    'SHOW_DUE_ICONS':  True,
  • SHOW_STATUS_ICONS_PERFORM controls whether the icons are shown when a user is performing a test list.
  • SHOW_STATUS_ICONS_LISTING controls whether icons are shown on listings pages which show the results of the last QA session. (Default True)
  • SHOW STATUS_ICONS_REVIEW controls whether the icons are shown when a user is reviewing a test list. (Default True)
  • SHOW STATUS_ICONS_HISTORY controls whether the icons are shown for historical results when a user is performing or reviewing a test list. (Default False)
  • SHOW_REVIEW_ICONS control whether to show warning icon for unreviewed test lists. (Default True)
  • SHOW_DUE_ICONS control whether to show icons for the due status of test lists. (Default True)

Other Settings


Set AUTO_REVIEW_DEFAULT = True in your file in order to enable Auto Review by default.


Set ORDER_UNITS_BY = 'name' in your file in order to order units by name rather than number