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PCHPrintWidget, advanced Flex widget for ArcGIS Server

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  • for Flex problems, just create issues on this project
  • by reporting problems, add the generated print-urls and the verbose server log to your issus
  • to solve problems, having direct access to the mapservice is very helpful, in the last time I used also TeamViewer to solve problems of some clients


  • download the latest Flex code (latest version)
  • copy the files to your flexViewer
  • add the new flex widget in the Adobe FlashBuilder modules list
  • configure in the "PchPrintWidget.xml" your PrintSOE-Url (see last point on "first installation * of PrintSOE" part). Take care of the slash at the end Example: <PrintUrl url="http://localhost:8399/arcgis/rest/services/layout/MapServer/exts/PCHPrintSOE/"/>
  • configure the "config.xml" to use the PrintWidget Example: <widget label="PChPrintSOE" preload="open" icon="lu_assets/images/adv_print.jpg" config="lu/etat/pch/gis/widgets/pchPrintWidget/PchPrintWidget.xml" url="lu/etat/pch/gis/widgets/pchPrintWidget/PchPrintWidget.swf"/>
  • done, test your widget