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openvibe-gipsa-extensions / BrainInvadersConfiguration


The config file resides in: OpenVibe\share\brain-invaders.conf. Note that the config file is now managed by "Brain Invaders Launcher".

Example brain-invaders.conf

Example config file:

CommProtocol: serial
ComPortName: COM5

ShuffleEnabled: true
VrpnPeripheral: openvibe-vrpn@localhost

ShowOgreSetup: false
OGREDebugLoggingEnabled: false

LogToDisk: true
LogToConsole: true

Lives: 8
RepetitionsPerLife: 1

MaxTrainingTargets: 5
MaxTrainingRepetitionsPerTarget: 8

FlashTargetTime: 0.150
FlashNonTargetTime: 0.100
MinISI: 0.05
MaxISI: 1
MeanISI: 0.200

PauseAfterDestruction: 0.500
PauseBetweenLevels: 2000
PauseBetweenRowsAndColumns: 0.400
VRPNTargetReceivedTimeout: 2

ISIAdaptationEnabled: false
PercentISIAdapt: 20

Below the most important user parameters are explained.


Please, check Tagging methods in Brain Invaders

CommProtocol = 8bit|software|serial|robik


You must know the COM port in advance. If you are using an USB to parallel port converter then plug-in the cable first. The BI Launcher can detect the right serial port to be used.


A single repetition gives two blinks of the target. This is the number of repetitions before losing a life in the game. Lives are controlled by a separate parameter.


This parameter controls how many lives you have before failing a level. Currently one repetition equals one life.


Sets the number of targets for the training phase.


This will start the Ogre config tool. In this tool you can select between Microsoft Direct 3D and OpenGL, change resolution, etc.