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The installer delivers everything we do in binary format on top of your OpenVibe installation. The installer is provided for Microsoft Windows (XP/7/10). It is available in our download section as gipsa-setup-main-XXX. Currently there is no uninstall. Also for the Python installation, you need access to Internet. Linux is supported through manual installation.

Once installed you can:

  • Run our scenarios from OpenVibe\share\openvibe-scenarios\Gipsa-lab using the OpenVibe Designer
  • Run Brain Invaders directly or with the Launcher application from the Start menu.


  • install the latest version of OpenVibe. As of 10/10/2016 the lastest version is OpenVibe 1.2.2.

Verify Install

After installation verify the following:

  • You have a shorcut in the start menu saying "Brain Invaders"
  • Once OpenVibe Designer is loaded you will see that you have an extra category called "Gipsa-lab"
  • You should not have dark-red colored boxes in the Designer. These won't work and this is fatal. One reason for that is OpenVibe not detecting Python properly. Please refer to Python support in OpenVibe to resolve this issue. You can install Python manually to fix this problem, but follow these guidelines:

    • Note that a 32 bit version of Python is required on Win64
    • Use the download link from OpenVibe's web-site
    • Install Python as administrator
    • Accept the default install folder (usually C:\Python27)
    • Install Python "For all users" (important!)
  • Verify that folder OpenVibe\share\openvibe-scenarios\Gipsa-lab exists and it is populated

  • Verify that the Gipsa-lab folder exists in the Windows start menu
  • Start the Brain Invaders Launcher. This can be done either from the Windows Start menu in folder Gipsa-lab or from the OpenVibe's root folder in Program Files(x86).


  • If Brain Invaders crashes on start-up then the problem is often with the video settings of the OGRE 3D engine. By default currently Brain Invaders tries to use OpenGL. On Windows you can switch from OpenGL to Direct 3D from the Brain Invaders's Launcher. When running Brain Invaders on Windows 10 it is recommended to change the rendering mode to "Direct3D 9".
    • Start BI's Launcher
    • On the first tab check "Start Video Setup"
    • Click on the "Save and Start BI"
    • A Windows form will pop-up with a drop-down list. You can select the "Rendering Subsystem"
  • You need "write access" to all Brain Invaders (BI) folders. BI writes to several config and log files while running. If you installed as administrator and currently you are not then BI won't work. Solution is either to become Windows Administrator or to assign "write access" or "full access" to: "OpenVibe\share\openvibe-applications" or to all files in OpenVibe's install folder. This is configured from the "Security" tab on Windows 7 when clicked on "Properties" of a selected folder. Apply write rights/full control to all subfolders and files for user "Everyone".
  • If the Python scripts are failing to start then probably "python.exe" is not in the Windows's environment variable %path% and you need to add it. Restart the OpenVibe Designer when done.

Actions performed by the installer

  • installs OpenVibe-plugins-gipsa.dll
  • installs our P300 scenarios in the scenario folder of OpenVibe in subfolder "Gipsa-lab".
  • installs the game Brain Invaders
  • installs Python 2.7 because some of our scenarios utilize Python through OpenVibe
  • installs Numpy required by the Python boxes
  • sets icons and shorcuts and deploys documentation files

The installer might change your existing OpenVibe configuration.