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openvibe-gipsa-extensions / OpenViBEPluginsGipsaDeployment


OpenViBE-plugins-gipsa contains OpenVibe boxes developed by Gipsa-lab. OpenVibe has a modular architecture that allows plugins to be developed by third parties (as we do). OpenViBE-plugins-gipsa has the same list of dependencies as OpenVibe. OpenViBE-plugins-gipsa contains the core code and binaries of our research.

Full list of boxes is available here.

Binary deployment


  • Download the installer from our download section.
  • Start OpenVibe Designer which should automatically detect the presence of OpenViBE-plugins-gipsa.dll and load all the boxes contained in it. In the console window of the Designer you should see a line like this:

[  INF  ] Added 6 plugin object descriptor(s) from [../bin/OpenViBE-plugins-gipsa.dll]

If you see an error message instead, then none of the Gipsa's boxes will be available in OpenVibe Designer.

Source deployment


Deploy OpenVibe source code and dependencies. To compile openvibe-gipsa extensions dll you will nee to copy the contents of:



to the source folder:



Then start a new compilation of OpenVibe. Project files can be generated with scripts\win32-generate-vc-proj.cmd

Git client problem

When getting the code from git on Windows you might experience a problem with long filenames:


(Filename too long)
Please have a look here. Basically you need to upgrade your git software and execute:

git config --global core.longpaths true
After that clone the code in a new empty folder.


Sources should compile on Linux. The CMake file works for both Windows and Linux. Note that the code uses some features of the C++11 standard.