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Stylus - Formatting Macros

Enhance your Confluence pages!

The Stylus - Formatting Macros by Toros is a bag of useful macros to improve how your organization data is presented in Confluence.

Stay tuned - Many more macros and other features are coming soon!

How to get started?

  1. Open one of your confluence pages
  2. Go to Edit Mode editmode (1).png
  3. Click the insert button in the top menu insert (1).png
  4. Click View more at the bottom of the drop-down menu to open the Select macro dialog
  5. Search for the macro you'd like to use from the list below and click insert

list (1).png


Background Macro

The Background Macro allows you to add an editable section to your Confluence page with your custom background image and/or color.

In case you set a background image, you can also choose how it will be displayed. A preview screen will demonstrate how your macro will be displayed on your page.

bg macro (1).png

Button Macro

Embed a button element into your page, design it as you wish by selecting the button's background and font colors, set the URL of the page it will open on click and more.

With Stylus you don't have to be an expert designer or developer to create your own hyperlink button.

button macro.png

Cards Macro

Create your own well-designed and organized cards to easily enhance your content's visibility.

With Stylus' Cards Macro you can arrange the cards as you wish and set the title, content, and color for each card.

Adding icons, images, hyperlinks and many more will be available on our next release.

cards macro.png

Stylus Carousel Macro takes images presentation in confluence to another level and a slideshow element for cycling through images.

carousel macro.png

Tabs Macro

Displaying content in Tabs is very powerful in Confluence, you can easily display your content in a more attractive and organized way.

Notice: To use the tabs macro, first you have to add Tabs Container Macro and for each tab add another Tab Pane macro (inside the Tabs Container) and add your tab's content after the Tab Pane macro.

Editor: tabs editor.png

Display: tabs view.png