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About this project

Rfx - the framework for Reactive Big Data Processing

Why Rfx is awesome ?

You can write a Reactive-SQL and get pushed data results from REST API Server via WebSocket

E.g: SUBSCRIBE * FROM News WHERE category in [‘big data’, ‘marketing’,’mobile’,‘real-time’] ORDER BY FacebookLikeCount

Key philosophy “readily responsive to a stimulus”, aka: readily responsive to {data, context, relationship}. The data, the user and the context store as ONE entity. So we could do mining, analytic, search and recommend information faster in real-time.

the implementation: adapting Reactive Lambda Architecture


Log Server

Message Queue


  • Distributed processing with
  • Speed layer query using In-Memory NoSQL Redis
  • Batch layer using Hadoop and SQL query engine
  • Networking Netty and


  • HTML5 + jQuery,