Trove lib should be packaged as OSGi bundle

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Rob Eden created an issue

Pulled from forum thread:

The Trove library should be OSGi compliant and released with a MANIFEST.MF file within the jar.

Example of file content:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Bundle-ManifestVersion: 2
Bundle-Name: GNU Trove
Bundle-SymbolicName: gnu.trove
Bundle-Version: 3.0.0.a5
Bundle-ClassPath: trove-3.0.0a5.jar
Bundle-Vendor: Eric D. Friedman
Export-Package: gnu.trove;version="3.0.0",

To a more complete bundle description, you can visit:

Original SF issue

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  1. Thomas Zlika

    I compiled and tested the HEAD version of Trove in an OSGi environment (Eclipse RCP application). It is recognised as an OSGi bundle and I can use Trove classes without problem (I tested TMap/THashMap and TIntList/TIntArrayList).

  2. Rob Eden reporter

    I'm moving the build system to Gradle (see issue #40) and it makes OSGI building really easy. So, the implementation has changed. Follow that issue for details.

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