Add Apache 2.0 license

Issue #21 wontfix
Matt Bishop created an issue

LGPL makes it impossible for most commercial products to use trove. I know, it shouldn't really, but ignorance being what it is, if you want more adoption of Trove, please add the Apache 2.0 license to your list of licenses.

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  1. Rob Eden

    Personally I'd love to allow this, but there are prior contributors and copyright holders that won't allow a license change (or addition) to Apache (and really anything other than LGPL).

    Sorry. We may try to remove "encumbered" code sometime in the future, but it will be a big job.

  2. Rob Eden

    And just to re-iterate for the record: as you already stated, LGPL is completely compatible with commercial usage.

  3. Rob Eden

    No, that's a lot of the hard part. It's the original contributor, so it's all mingled in with the development done before 2.0. Likely it will be a rewrite of most things.

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