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Bartłomiej Mazur
created an issue

In current latest trove on maven (3.0.3) we still have lines of code like that:

So I think that trove should release updated version of trove to prevent "memory leaks" from this part of code as it always create much bigger arrays than needed.

or maybe there is some other repo that I didn't see with new versions?

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  1. Rob Eden

    Yes, I +1 too. shame :-\

    At one point I put a half-baked transition to Gradle in an accidentally did in the master tree. I need to back that out so the build process is fully functional, then I can do a release.

  2. Rob Eden

    No. Trove is mostly a hobby project/labor of love at this point so I've learned not to give ETAs.

    That being said, I did some work on tidying up the build process today and it's looking much better. So, making progress.

    FYI, I'm hoping to introduce a "trove-experimental" module which unproven stuff (like T*LinkedList will be moved into.

  3. Emil Crumhorn

    Hi. We're running into some issues that we would love fixed (and I believe they are, they're just not in the latest maven release) before our product goes into production in Feb, which means we would mean we need the 3.1 release. Any update on when it will be done?

  4. Marcus Gründler

    Hey @Rob Eden - thanks a lot for this great library, it does a fantastic job! Now that you have the 3.1 release nearly ready, let me know if I can be of any help (testing, building, whatever) for releasing 3.1 to maven central.

  5. Rob Eden

    Sorry, guys. I don't want it to be a dead project, but it's just little ol' me at the moment and Trove isn't a critical library at work anymore so finding the time to update is difficult (too many other critical projects).

    The main problem preventing easy releases at the moment is that the source tree is in a bit of disarray (shame... from my young and stupid learning days in git) and it needs to be cleaned up. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but the activation energy to get it done has been prohibitively high thus far.

    Help and contributions are greatly welcomed. I'm also still open to others taking lead. I agree that Trove is too important to let go.

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