TIntIntMapDecorator allows for NPE when passed in map object is null

Issue #66 resolved
Ilya Medvedev created an issue

Using 3.03, if I call TDecorators.wrap(myMap) on a null map and then call .get(key) on the Map I will get an uncaught NPE. I am pretty sure that .put() and other calls inside of the TIntIntMapDecorator will also result in NPEs.

Sample stack trace sample:

    at gnu.trove.decorator.TIntIntMapDecorator.get(TIntIntMapDecorator.java:132)
    at gnu.trove.decorator.TIntIntMapDecorator.get(TIntIntMapDecorator.java:50)

This was very difficult to troubleshoot as the actual Map<A,B> object that is returned by TDecorators.wrap is Not null.

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  1. jimdavies

    Fixed for map, set and list decorators. Now fails fast with an NPF if you pass in a null reference for a collection.

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