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Welcome to the Baby Bongos homepage. Here you will find a repository to submit bugs, a FAQ, and other general information about Baby Bongos and related products. If you have any questions, please contact the developer. If you have a specific issue with your application (crash, bug report or feature request) please submit a ticket.

About Baby Bongos

Baby Bongos is designed to keep your baby (6 mos - 2 yr) occupied while preventing them from calling your boss!


  • Toddler Lock: Only holding 'Home' or 'Back' for 5 or more seconds will allow the application to close.
  • Multiple Bongo Tracks: Touching the 'Menu' button will cycle through an assortment of bongo beats to help keep your little one entertained.
  • Last Touch: In order to help teach your small companion about the touch sensitive nature of the phone screen, touching the screen will display a graphic where it was last touched in addition to playing one of the two bongo sounds.
  • Multi-interactive bongo sounds: Shaking the bongos (your phone!) provides a multi-bongo riff. Each of the two bongos also provides a unique sound when tapped.


  • Ability to customize your toddler lock to different keys/buttons
  • More bongo "loop" music
  • Multiple background scenes