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Ts2mkv is a command line utility to convert DVB MPEG-2 Transport Stream (.ts) files into Matroska (.mkv) which is well supported by all modern media players and devices. The conversion process can also have a separate encoding phase which radically reduces the resulting mkv file size. Ts2mkv comes with some useful presets for encoding video tracks into H.264 and audio tracks into AAC, AC3 or MP3.

Ts2mkv uses avconv, ProjectX and MKVToolNix via their command line interfaces. Tweaked version of ProjectX is bundled with ts2mkv setup.

Ts2mkv comes with pre-defined configurations for Finnish channels' subtitles. (DVB subtitles work in YLE and AVA channels. Teletext subtitles also work in YLE channels if available.)


Basic usage is:

ts2mkv my_recording.ts

You can also enable video and audio track encoding by adding some additional parameters:

ts2mkv my_recording.ts --video-preset=h264 --audio-preset=aac

The both examples will produce my_recording.mkv file in current working directory.

For full syntax type:

ts2mkv --help


  • 2013-07-29: Version 2.0.0 released.

Supported platforms

  • Ubuntu (and relative) Linux distros, source distribution as a Python module
  • Microsoft Windows 64-bit (e.g. MS-Windows 7)
  • Any other platform supporting Python and the used tools and codecs


See here.