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JIRA Stateoscope Plugin

Welcome to Jira Stateoscope Plugin wiki page!

NameJira Stateoscope Plugin
JIRA Version6.0 (+)
AuthorTuncay Senturk
Issue Tracking


All issue state history at a glance.

This is the stateoscope plugin for Atlassian JIRA that comes with an issue tab panel showing vivid and clarified issue history. In default issue view page, additional tab panel named "Stateoscope" will appear and will show brief history of the issue's state changes. All response times according to state changes can be seen as well.

Installation and Usage

Visit marketplace for Jira Stateoscope and click Download button in order to install using Universal Plugin Manager.

You may try Stateoscope a month for free.

After installing plugin you may see Stateoscope tab field in issue's default view if issue has any assignments or state changes.


  • Stateoscope tab field in issue's main view Stateoscope Issue tab panel view