Some Code Improvements

Issue #133 resolved
Tygre repo owner created an issue

Some code improvements in no particular order

  1. Refactor HTTP/S code so that the code decide of the “scheme” based on the URL, when a redirect happens.
  2. Add an API to source.h to clear a cache from the UI, e.g., using the special folder “d ./0".
  3. Update all the files copyright statements to account for the new year!
  4. Re-enable the lister after attempting to play an unplayable module.
  5. Remove .svn from Git, maybe will have to git rm --cached it.
  6. Add a line break before last line of the README.MD file.
  7. Replace occurrences of “/” and “:” with global constants.
  8. Remove .git from SVN by adding it to svn:ignore.
  9. Make SVN script commit again.
  10. Fix SSL connection to AMP.

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