When using the text anonymization helper tool for the first time, the macro security settings error message may appear (Figure 10).


Figure 10: The macro security settings error message

You may need to enable macros temporarily if you get an error message when trying to use the text anonymization helper tool. To temporary enable macros: Select File -> Options -> Trust Center (Figure 11).


Figure 11: Enable macros

Then Click on Trust Center Settings (Figure 11). In Macro Settings choose 'Enable all macros' and click OK to save the settings (Figure 12). Be sure to change back to 'Disable all macros with notification' after you have finished using the text anonymization helper tool.

If this error message appears again after enabling macros, make sure that the template is loaded. Go to File -> Options -> Add-Ins and select Word Add-ins and click Go (Figure 12).


Figure 12: Manage Word Add-ins

Next Click on Add to add the template (Figure 13). When a new window opens, select Normal.dotm from the list and click OK to save changes.


Figure 13: Templates and Add-ins

Additional troubleshooting steps for Word 2013

When trying to save a document containing a Visual Basic macro (Word 2013), the 'macro-free document' error message can appear (Figure 14).


Figure 14: Macro-free document error message in MS Word 2013

In which case, click on 'No' and the 'Save As' dialogue will appear. Navigate to the required directory, enter a file name, change the 'Save as type' to 'Word Macro-Enabled Document' (Figure 15) and press Save.


Figure 15: Save as Word 2013 Macro-Enabled Document