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Issue #3 resolved
Luca Bösch created an issue

Would it be possible you replace or complete the png images fullscreen_collapse.png and fullscreen.png by/with SVG icon versions?

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  1. Neill Magill

    I could take a look at adding them (but due to our lack of artists it is likely to use Dev art)

    If you have anyone who can make some good svg versions of the images we would be happy to take a pull request.

  2. Neill Magill

    I have created some SVG versions of the images.

    I added you to the code review so you can comment should you wish.

  3. Neill Magill

    The full screen button now has SVG icons

    The old png icons are still there so Moodle can use them as a fallback.

  4. Luca Bösch reporter

    Hi Neill I don't mean to be rude but why didn't you use the ones I provided with my pull request?

    The source code is much slimmer and neutral (it doesn't show any traces of Inkspace or any other tool the icon has been edited with). I fear some issues with the ones you've drawn: they do differ a lot source code wise to others found in Moodle.

    Best, Luca

  5. Neill Magill

    Hi Luca,

    Apologies for that. Unfortunately I did not see your pull request. Internally we always attach a reviewer to requests which means that they show up on a list when we log in. It seems that the weakness of this is that requests with no reviewer are easy to miss.

    I'm going to have to look at getting some form of notification setup to alert us when we get a pull request with no reviewer (or failing that for any request)

    When I get back from Moodle Moot tomorrow I plan on looking at your icons.

  6. Neill Magill

    I agree your versions of the icons are very good, and I think we should use them.

    I have rebased your change and added a version bump in a new pull request (which we should be able to get merged next week, unless you have an objection to it)

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