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The full screen toggle button allows you to hide the side columns (blocks) and make the central column fill the screen. This is especially useful when viewing embedded videos and SCORM packages.

Themes based on bootstrapbase / clean theme are supported.

Notes on usage:

  • If the window is scrolled more than 205 pixels a ‘floating’ full screen toggle appears in the top right of the screen. It disappears if you scroll back up.
  • If mobile mode (or responsive mode) is triggered (screen width 768px or less)
  • The full screen toggle button(s) disappear as they no longer serve any purpose.
  • If you were in full screen mode (with no side blocks) the side blocks will now be below the content area (as usual for mobile mode).
  • If JavaScript is off there is no full screen toggle button
  • If Full screen mode has been triggered it persists as a user preference in the database until the user clicks the toggle button again.
  • The icon changes with arrows point out / in on each toggle
  • The toggle button does not appear on the login page
  • Side blocks disappear completely if full screen mode is triggered. They can be retrieved by toggling back to normal screen mode
  • Ctrl + Alt + b is an alternative way to toggle screen mode
  • Once triggered there is no fixed width, i.e. if you stretch the window across two monitors you will be able utilise the full content area
  • It should work on Chrome, Firefox and IE9+

Full screen toggle button (Side blocks visible)


Full screen mode (Side blocks hidden)


Floating Full screen toggle button (Page has been scrolled down further than 205 pixels) Fullscreenbutton_hovering.jpg