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Uni-field plugin provides a configurable custom field. It supports one configuration for each issuetype per project. At the current moment, it is possible to create fields of type one-string and a drop-down list. Field configuration can be accessed from project administration tab.

To configure plugin you need to perform steps:

  1. Install plugin;
  2. Go to Uni-field global admin page in JIRA Administration -> Add-ons -> Uni-field Admin ;
  3. Select Uni-field status: globalAdmin.jpg

    • Disabled Uni-field admin page is hidden for all project admin pages;
    • Enabled (all projects) Uni-field admin page is visible for all project admin pages;
    • Enabled (fine tuning) Select projects which will be able to use Uni-field;
  4. Uni-field is still a custom field so you need to add Uni-field to proper Screen Scheme to make it appear in issue view screen in other places. Use JIRA conventional screen manager for this.

  5. To configure Uni-field you need to go to project admin page, where you can find "Uni-field" link.
  6. There are three tabs in Uni-field admin page: Constructor, Config. export. Config. import.

    Без имени.jpg * Constructor tab provides you a visual tool to configure inquirer for necessary issuetype. Add field adding field to configuration. You need to select field name and field type. If you choose field type with preset parameters (select list) will appear the button "Add parameter" which allows you to add parameters. Field and parameters order will set up automatically but you can change them by drag&drop field(parameter) up and down. Please notice that all fields and parameters have their unique ID's so when you delete field(parameter) and create new one, even with the same name, you will get new field(parameter). Stored values in issues that affected by this changes will be lost. export.jpg * Config. export allows you to get the existing field configuration in xml format. import.jpg * Config. import allows you to import xml field configuration for selected issuetype. Please notice that imported configuration will overwrite current configuration so stored values is issues will be lost.

  7. Uni field supports searching. Due the fact that JIRA uses search in indexes, to prevent unforeseen search results, please perform project re-index after removing or adding fields(parameters).