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With over 3000 islands float on the blue waters, Halong Bay is a masterpiece of nature is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Designed in the old version of the royal boat, bhaya classic ha long is the harmonious combination of traditional oriental style with modern comfort West.

Built in oriental style with contemporary luxury, bhaya cruises established new standards of luxury cruising in Vietnam when bhaya classic ha long entered service in summer 2007. Guests can join the Tai Chi Chuan morning sun deck or visit the spa for a relaxing massage. The water activities including swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.

bhaya cruises include 4 large yachts bhaya classic ha long. Each yacht has 20 luxurious rooms with a capacity of 40 passengers, are decorated according to the traditional oriental style combined with modern comfort and the West. bhaya classic ha long four trip under voyage 2 days or 3 days in Halong Bay with many activities and entertainment visit attraction for tourists both domestic and international.

The cabin onboard Bhaya room has a ceiling fan and 1 1 fridge. The private bathroom comes with shower facilities. Rooms are equipped with 1 window to welcome natural light and views of the sea and surrounding islands while sailing down the Bay.

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