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From Hanoi along National Highway 1A, Tao Xuyen bridge, turn left to go more than 15 kilometers, visitors will encounter the Eureka Resort - Linh Truong, and admiring the beauty unspoiled but very friendly This beach. Sea here in green and gentle, calm wave here and shy stretches nearly 2 km of coastline. Northeast have mountain primate with primitive like a hanging painting breakwater for peace here. Coming to Eureka - Linh Truong, tourists are bathed in the land of many cultural sediments as Dragon King Temple, Hon Ne, Quynh this temple ....

eureka resort - linh truong is built on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 6 hectares in total over 40ha resort, including 72 luxurious villa, and more than 90 modern apartments with full amenities. All buildings here are facing the sea. East Bohemian sea wind with green forest that runs along the beach to help travelers have days of rest most interesting and refreshing. Eureka - School Spirit is not only a resort but also a happy home Monday, where the family reunion, gathering, is the address of the couple looking to the romantic and is a gathering place , share the fun with relatives and close friends.

Sapphire Restaurant is located very conveniently, located at Sapphire building just above the reception area and services in home entertainment. Sapphire restaurant with luxury design with yellow tones. The restaurant has a capacity of 150 seats, with space and stage for events, banquet seating or luxury buffet. Warm sea water bathing pool in eureka resort - linh truong is a special service for travelers prominent resort experience here. Swimming pool Hammam unique - the only one in Vietnam: "Salty Water Swimming Pool." Pool turns "Swimming Pool Water Warm Sea" in the winter help you to experience and enjoy the warm sea waters in the winter days.

Swedish massage techniques with aromatherapy and massage, your body will actually relax in a deep sleep. The muscles and skin will be heated gently to the body or flavored oils extracted from herbs. Aromas massage or Swedish massage is one of the massage techniques to relax body and soul, helping the skin and you have a fresh mind. The advantage of the natural landscape pristine, gorgeous with many local landscape unique neighborhood with a range of complete services in an isolated population that spans over 40ha eureka resort - linh truong became the the ideal choice for companies to combine meetings, resting and organizing teambuilding activities.

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