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Thousands of islands, dozens of beautiful caves creates the aesthetic value of the Gulf. The beauty of Ha Long Bay is made up of three elements: stone, water and sky. System rocky island in Halong diversified sea blends with the sky, creating a picture wearing. Large rocks inside the cave attracted by the beautiful, bizarre. Dau Go cave suggestive feeling overwhelmed, with all shapes of stalactites seem. Thien Cung as a monumental temples, beautiful. The total number of plant species living on the island in Halong Bay over a thousand species. Some communities of different plant species have been found, such as the mangrove species, the plants in sand along the island, the species that grow on the slopes and cliffs, atop mountains or rises in shops or rocks. The researchers of the Society for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has discovered seven species of endemic plants of Ha Long Bay.

heritage line - jasmine cruise halong’s interiors, like the exterior, are covered in polished wood, lending the jasmine the stately air of an Indochina-era cruising boat. Guests can convene in the formal dining room, enjoy casual barbecues on the terrace and marvel at the bay’s moonlit beauty on the Jasmine’s wide Sundeck. After days spent learning Tai Chi, kayaking, and visiting local fishing villages, visitors can enjoy various traditional massage treatments. Heritage Line prides itself on exceptional service and the Jasmine is no exception. The jasmine’s experienced crew does their utmost to showcase the bay’s indescribable wonders.

Taking a rest in the bay of Wonders, relaxing on the crystal blue ocean or charming white sand beaches, you will soon forget all the pressure and enjoy your journey to the land of pleasure: wonderful landscapes, fresh and tasty seafood, peaceful atmosphere.

It is difficult to paint an accurate picture of life aboard the Jasmine. The morning rays bathe your room in soft colours. The waves of the bay are somewhere around you. Breakfast is a sumptuous spread, croissants, coffee, tea, juices, cereal, eggs, omelets, bacon, noodles and more. The right dose of energy, together with the early-bird Tai Chi activity, take you through the day.

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