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Come to Ha Long Bay, people can not take my eyes off the scenery here. Which is the mountain, is the country with the caves that attractive people want to go to the end to find finitude in infinity of sky, mountains that. we always thought that that mountain giants like that, sitting in a boat that looked up to measure the heights of the mountains was truly eye strain. Here we know how all the grandeur, how is the situation between countries and non organic. Sea water salty taste of salt distant. Cave with stalactites to falling but true nature is not falling. It just bristling like a thousand drops of liquid pearls sparkle stick together but not falling.

Rooms here are equipped with elegant wood furniture and air conditioning. The private bathroom comes with a shower. Guests can swim or go squid fishing. Additionally, guests will be entertained by playing table games (board game) and watching movies in movie nights. Boats also guides speak English site and insurance when traveling on the boat.

Inspired by a peaceful image of a floating daisy on the sea, marguerite junk (tonkin cruises) was designed and operated toward an ultimate goal: to provide a memorable and peaceful trip to travellers. Focus on a special cruising route, the marguerite junk passes by most highlight spots and always offers enough time to explore every destination in all of its itineraries.

Dining room accommodates up to 20 guests serving set menu course meals and buffet (upon request for charter). Right next to dining room, Marguerite Bar offers many kinds of drinks such as cocktails, alcohols, smoothies, juices and numerous exotic tropical drinks served by bar tender.

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