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40km from the center of Hanoi, Thao Vien Resort is a resort complex with 14-hectare campus with fully equipped room amenities include 28 guest rooms with modern style combined with traditional, with pool water purification technology Spain, the system of restaurants, entertainment complex with tennis courts, grass skiing in the north.

Coming to thao vien resort & spa, you will enjoy skiing thrills with the North's largest grass. Besides, Thao Vien resort will also offer a variety of entertainment such as tennis, campfire or the folk games of the northern countryside. That will bring about a great time for your family. Besides, to thao vien resort & spa, the child can be immersed with nature, learn about rural life through life-skills classes such as vegetables, boating, collective farmers do...

Massage legs Thao Vien resort will bring you 60 minute recharge and relax your feet in a comprehensive body best. The process basically foot massage helps the body blood circulation. The spirit of relaxation, comfort, are recovering after a stressful working hours. Health promotion, prevention of disease. feed is where many nerves and have close ties with the other body parts. At the same time, the foot is the part most affected by the move and your regular activities. Therefore should Oriental Medicine had for the feet is "heart 2" on the human body.

Coming to thao vien resort & spa, you not only have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also enjoy the unique culinary specialties both in taste and aesthetic taste characteristics. The taste was floral blend of grass along the pristine purity of nature by the talented chefs of Thao Vien resort shown.

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