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bitbucket: + Nice to maintain developers / projects (we want to be open and push responsibility to other vim community members) + hg and git suppported - you cannot reply to issue messages by mail - contributors are likely not to have a bitbucket account yet (github is almost standard)

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  1. ZyX_I
    • you cannot reply to issue messages by mail

    So I am not the only one? Did you report it on I have succeeded to reply, but there are certain conditions that must be met: see and Thus I can say reply by email almost does not work. It would be good if you commented those (I assume only one: the second, assuming you failed to comment completely) issues with the examples of messages which did not pass and also added your vote.

  2. ZyX_I

    These is the comparison with github, like I see it

    Bitbucket pros:

    • Mercurial support.
    • Bug tracker with components, priorities, more statuses.
    • Bug tracker with advanced search.
    • Bug tracker with issues import.
    • Bug tracker with votes.
    • No space limit.
    • (not related to vim-pi) No limit on private repositories.
    • Better PR design decision: diff is shown right on the first page. It is more interesting then commit list, though diff and commit list would be better. When I give some remarks regarding the PR I usually give it regarding the code and not commit messages or number of commits.
    • Better main user page design decision: when I look at the user page I usually use it to navigate to user repository and do not want to see user activity.

    Github pros:

    • Diff views work faster.
    • Better mobile version.
    • No need to update PR from web interface when adding each new commit.
    • Though search is not as flexible, for usual cases it is much more convenient. (Still note that for some unusual cases it is simply impossible to perform what you want: e.g. after I labeled issues in powerline issue tracker I found myself wanting to find issues which have specific label present and other specific label not present.)
    • Issue tracker labels are more flexible.
    • Issue tracker has inline issues search (I mean what happens if you type a hash).
    • Some markdown features are missing in bitbucket.
    • Github issues tracker has per-issue TODO list. It also has a way to reference issues from other projects.
    • Reply by email works far better.
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