Allow for faster camera movement on event log

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Issue #286 resolved
Edward Hart-Davis created an issue

Perhaps allow the user to aid their movement with the scrollwheel or a controller stick or something in this case.

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  1. Riot

    The current max scroll speed is 8 metres per second; menu options are 20cm high, so with padding etc, you can scroll through ~20 log lines per second. Is it really possible to read log lines faster than that? Or do you just want a "skip to start" and "skip to end" pair of buttons?

  2. Edward Hart-Davis reporter

    I'm not sure "skip to start" and "skip to end" would quite cut it for me - I think I'd be more after 'jump a ludicrous amount down" on the left and "jump a ludicrous amount up" on the right, always perfectly aligned with the camera, or something.

    Moonshot: it'd be fun to have a 'jump to previous death' button.

  3. Riot

    Right; I'm not sure those can really be implemented in any kind of reasonable way. What you really want is a full fledged text pager, and I don't think we should build one of those into the game. What I can do, though, is add an option to enable saving the game log to file, so you can peruse it at your leisure in an actual text editor if you want to.

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