Difficult to avoid clicking links when clicking back into 'about' menu

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Issue #300 resolved
Edward Hart-Davis created an issue

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  1. Edward Hart-Davis reporter

    These other buttons don't launch you out of the game and into another application, and it's nigh on impossible to not trigger the link button taking you back to the browser when clicking back in if you've intentionally clicked it.

    With other buttons if you've paused in an unfortunate place, it's more easily 'recoverable' as it were, you can just mash them again to set whatever back to how you wanted it.

    What I find myself having to do is between the time I click back into the game and it hands me back to the browser, is move the cursor (and subsequently rotate the camera) slightly so I can click back in once more and no longer be stuck in this loop.

  2. Riot

    Sorry, but I don't consider you clicking the wrong button (especially by "mashing") to be a bug in the game.

    The selected button is always clearly and visibly highlighted. Just don't click when something other than what you want is highlighted. Consider reducing your mouse sensitivity if it's too jumpy.

  3. Edward Hart-Davis reporter

    I still don't think you understand. It's nothing to do with hitting the wrong button, it's it being impossible to get back into the game after having gone to a link from the 'about' menu without hitting the same button again at least once.

    The game might as well exit when you click any of the links in the 'about' menu and to the less-determined users it wouldn't make too much of a difference in usability after being handed over to their browser.

  4. Riot
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    Ah, I had misunderstood. So regaining focus by clicking on the game, you click the same button? We can work around that.

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