Launching in Swedish triggers exception

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Issue #309 resolved
Henrik Danielsson created an issue

I've tried this on two different Arch machines with the same result.

My default $LANG is "sv_SE.UTF-8".

Launching the game with this gives an instant crash.

sphereFACE version RC 14.1.14471.79769 master:f8b1a885 Release for 64bit Linux
Compiled Mar 14 2017 00:37:11 with GCC 6.3.0 20170205 and Boost 1_63
LanguageStorm: Language sv_SE not available, falling back to sv
LanguageStorm: Default language is Swedish (sv).
New game started
Fading in...
FPSStorm: Framerate now capped to 60FPS (0.0166667 seconds).
Player stats: deaths                       0
Player stats: shots fired / hit / accuracy 0 / 0 / n/a
Player stats: worlds completed             0
Player stats: portals entered              0
Player stats: weapons collected            0
Player stats: powerups collected / killed  0 / 0
Saving settings to sphereFACE.cfg
Settings saved successfully.
Saving theme to sphereFACE.theme
Theme saved successfully.
Not saving - currently disabled.
Player ship destroyed.
InputStorm: Shutting down.
FlockStorm: Shutting down.
SoundStorm: Shutting down...
SoundStorm: Device shutdown complete.
SoundStorm: Stopping streamer thread...
SoundStorm: Shutdown complete.
Exception: wstring_convert::from_bytes

Full log attached.

Prefixing with env LANG="sv" or env LANG="sv_SE" gives:

LanguageStorm: Unable to obtain system locale, falling back to default
LanguageStorm: Default language is British English (en_GB).

The game runs fine in English so I'm not putting this as critical now.

I can't tell what happens on Windows because I can't get debug output, but the game always launches in English even though Swedish is the only available interface language.

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