Mute when paused feature is too slow to fade

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Issue #312 resolved
Edward Hart-Davis created an issue

Please either reduce the amount of time it takes for this option to take full effect, or give the user the option to set a custom amount of time.

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  1. Edward Hart-Davis reporter

    A bit less than a second, so that you can be sure it's happening as soon as you expect it to be.

  2. Riot

    It is happening as soon as you expect it to be. It begins instantly, and has faded to silence by tow seconds. Why is it important for it to fade more rapidly than that?

  3. Riot

    add incredibly anal config file option to set the fade time for music to fade out when paused, if that setting is enabled. Not shown in menu, only exposed in the .cfg. Resolves #312

    → <<cset 5596dfed2dd7>>

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