Guided Rockets Cause Crash

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Issue #33 resolved
Elliot Fenwick created an issue

If i switch to guided rockets by right clicking then attempt to fire them the game instantly says not responding and that "Windows is checking for a solution to the problem" upon the game finally closing my audio will also mess up unless i restart and manually close the game.

Update Now even manually closing the game through task manager will not stop the audio issue, i have to load up another audio source(i tried out youtube) and play something through that before the feedback stops.

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  1. Riot

    Interesting. What version of windows are you using, and are you using any third-party audio managers or unusual sound driver setups? The crash issue and the sound issue are probably two unrelated things, both need to be investigated.

    Also please reserve "blocker" priority for bugs that are so serious it's not possible to do any work on fixing any other bugs without fixing the blocker bug first, which isn't the case with this one.

  2. Elliot Fenwick reporter

    Windows 7. No audio managers being used. Sorry i assumed the blocker meant it "blocked" you from being able to play the game. I have noted that for next time though.

  3. Henrik Danielsson

    Noticed this when running the Windows version under WINE too, and I just remembered I mentioned that in the sound issue...

  4. Elliot Fenwick reporter

    Is that something I have to do or is it something the developers will take action on. If i have to do it please expand and explain the procedure I have to go through.

  5. Riot

    Hi Elliot, this was an automated message from a code commit that resolved the issue - hence the link to the changeset, and the change of state to "resolved". The fix will be in the next official beta release.

  6. Elliot Fenwick reporter

    Thanks for the help I have never reported a bug on a site like this before so didn't really know the protocol.

  7. Riot

    No worries, it's not particularly intuitive. No doubt there'll be a fair few more bugs during our beta to report yet :)

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