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Welcome to APIgnosis wiki! Here you can find more information about APIgnosis and how to use it.


What is this

A lot of Amiga developers prefer to work their code on other platforms, so to gain speed, stability and use better tools. But there is a lack of an application that will help them read the available documentation.

APIgnosis is an application for reading AutoDoc formatted files for the Amiga platform (AmigaOS 3 & 4, MorphOS, AROS). Those files include development information for various classes and methods, based on the SDK of each platform.

APIgnosis features

  • Select the documentation folder on your local machine
  • Parse selected document on the fly
  • Get list of available methods and info about the selected one
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS


By all means, APIgnosis is on early stage and not complete. There are a lot of staff need to be done, to make it a complete tool.

  • Need better parsing of AutoDoc files, especially for those that do not follow a standard, or have errors.
  • Need support for other file types, like PDF, Markdown and AmigaGuide etc.
  • GUI Enhancements (bookmarks, syntax highlighting, search), are in the pipeline
  • Automatic update

You can always propose new features or file bugs at Issues tracker

Check also

  • amiautodoc-parser That's a NPM plugin that parses the AutoDoc files and used by APIgnosis
  • My GitHub where you can find more of the projects I work on
  • My Blog, a place where I put thoughts an things I am interested on
  • My Twitter in case you use it
  • My PayPal for buying me a beer

Have fun!

Special thanks to the following donors

AmigaDave, Amiga On The Lake

Thank you very much for your support.