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A live-action television drama adaptation of Tsuyoshi Kōnoike's Himomen ~Himo Kōsei Program~ has been green-lit. It will premiere in July in TV Asahi's Saturday Night Drama block, and will air on Saturdays at 11:15 p.m. It will star Haruna Kawaguchi (left in picture below) as Yuriko Haruhi, and Masataka Kubota (right) as Shō Himonya.

The comedy manga centers on the relationship between Yuriko and her boyfriend Shō. Shō is kicked out of his parents' house after he quit his part-time job, so he invites himself over to begin living with Yuriko. Shō loves to drink and gamble, but has seemingly lost motivation to seek out work of his own. The story follows Yuriko's efforts to "reform" her boyfriend to stop him from being a himo-otoko (slang for a freeloading man who is financially reliant on his girlfriend).

Osamu Katayama is directing the drama, with Hayashi Mori penning the scripts. Ikue Yokochi is the general producer, while Takahito Akiyama and Misato Kawano are credited as producers.

Kōnoike launched the ongoing but irregularly serialized manga in Kadokawa's Comic Flapper magazine in 2015, and Kadokawa published the first compiled book volume for the manga later the same year.

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