WEnotes consists of several parts:

  • harvesting tools (this repository, WEnotes-tools) for:

  • deprecated and/or proprietary service for which we have harvesters we're no longer using. May be invalid due to changes in terms, or discontinuation, of service

    • ASKBOT (special RSS feed)
    • g+
    • identica (defunct open source micro-blogging service)
    • Twitter
  • a Mediawiki extension (WEnotes repository)

    • verifies user is logged in
    • saves local posts
  • Mediawiki Widget for collecting local microblog postings (wiki and WEnotes repository)

  • Mediawiki Widget for displaying an integrated display of all notes (wiki and WEnotes repository)

  • server (WEnotes-server repository)

    • Faye pub/sub server
    • simple proxy to CouchDB database (to avoid problems with networks that limit ports)
    • incoming webhook for Rocket.Chat integration