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Glossary - Terminology manager / Glossary 2.7.0 release notes

07 October 2019

We're excited to present Glossary - Terminology manager 2.7.0.


1- Advanced index builder

2- Grant access to Glossary management

3- Left side navigation

4- Search term by space

More details

1- Advanced index builder

Bulk import terms using page template

This feature index Confluence pages as Glossary terms. Useful when pages are added by REST API or page template.

Go to Glossary management -> General -> Term indexing**

  1. Add a label to identify pages

  2. Click preview button. Only pages that's not indexed (not considered as term) are displayed.

  3. Verify pages then click "Index as terms" button

2- Grant access to Glossary management

An option to give selected groups access to Glossary management.

You need Confluence administrator permission to grant access to a group.

Go to Glossary management -> General -> Permissions**

3- Left side navigation

Most used common European accented characters are now supported like (é, è, à, å, ä and ö).

Also, you can filter by number (0-9).