We are unable to connect from Power BI desktop app to our Jira using API token

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We are unable to connect from Power BI desktop app to our Jira using API token that we created using Api-tokens-for-jira plugin in jira. Do this plugin supports connection from power bi to Jira or not?

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  1. Roma Bubyakin


    Thank you for the ticket!

    It should work with Power BI desktop app, but let me double-check it.

    I would appreciate any additional details that could speed up the investigation (version of products, error message, logs etc.)

    Regards, Roman

  2. bhavikaa.-infosys

    Hi Roman,

    Ours Jira is a data center model with version 8.5.3

    API tokens for Jira version - 1.4.1

    Error message - web API key name is missing..



  3. Roma Bubyakin

    Do you use โ€œWeb APIโ€œ permissions?

    API Tokens used as a password in โ€œBasicโ€œ authentication as below:


    I look forward to your results,

  4. bhavikaa.-infosys

    Hi Roman,

    Yes earlier i was trying in Web API. I tried in Basic one now. But still no luck. Getting below error. I used username as my hpe email id, password as token.


  5. bhavikaa.-infosys

    Hi Roman,

    I have reset my failed login counts. But getting below error now:



  6. Roma Bubyakin

    Hi @bhavikaa.-infosys

    As I can see from the URL (part with โ€œ/plugins/servlet/โ€) you are using some additional plugin for the connection. That's why it is not working on your side and works on mine (I'm connecting directly).

    Now I can reproduce it locally and identify the root cause. Thanks to you, Bhavikaa!

    I will add support for that and release new version till tomorow.

    Btw, which plugin do you use for Power BI integration?

    Regards, Roman

  7. bhavikaa.-infosys

    Hi Roman,

    Thank you so much for releasing the new version and helping us with the quick resolution. I tried and able to connect successfully now from Power BI desktop app to Jira.

    Really Appreciate your help on this!

    Have a nice day! ๐Ÿ™‚



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